How to add a 3rd party plugin/partner

We have several types of partners and plugins across many eCommerce features to enhance your Kooomo site/omnichannel experience.

Integrations are classified in 4 different integrations methodologies, with the installation effort in brackets:

  • One click integration (Back-End User)
  • Html (Front-End Agency)
  • Customization (Front-End Agency And/Or Kooomo Back-End)
  • Development (Front-End Agency And/Or Kooomo Back-End)

One click integration applications are indicated by "Install Now" - you will then be prompted to add necessary information related to the account you hold with that partner. Please contact your representative at Kooomo if you have not already created an account with the application you wish to integrate.

All other integration types will prompt you to contact your Kooomo representative for a quotation/scoping/etc.