How to setup a Kooomo standard warehouse strategy


Implementing this strategy allow orders to be exported into an agreed endpoint (FTP) for each stage of the order.


  1. In Kooomo go to Settings>Settings>Warehouse settings.

  2. Under the GENERAL heading tick the Show products as "Out of stock" when quantity is zero checkbox.

  3. Under the INVENTORY SYNCHRONIZATION heading, do the following;

  • Tick the Virtual warehouse checkbox.
  • Select the KooomoStandard option in the Virtual Strategy dropdown
  • Click "You can configure Kooomostandard from here"
  1. Click Save

  1. Under the INVENTORY SYNCHRONIZATION heading, click "You can configure Kooomostandard from here". The Warehouse Settings screen will now open.

  2. On the Warehouse Settings screen do the following;

  • Select order_workflow and inventory_workflow. By selecting these two workflows you enable the merchant to send out to the agreed endpoint orders that reach the warehouse status and to receive the standard inventory file.
  • Set Strategy as *STANDARD.
  • Fill in the FTP details.
  • Set Format as STANDARD.
  • Select CSV format.
  • Click Save