Encrypted Email Contact Form Email Implementation

This function enables you to send asynchronous emails from contact forms published on your website. You will need assistance from your Kooomo account manager to enable the function and a Frontend developer to add the following code to your contact form.


  1. Add the following data-attribute to the form tag related: data-zg-role="zg_send_email_​form"\
  2. To have an<input name="to_email">element which value should have the Smarty "encrypt" modifier. Eg:<input type="hidden" name="to_email" value="test@test.com|encrypt}"​>\
  3. Replace the js/base/2700-zg-send-email.js file content with the most up to date skeleton version.
  4. Requesting a Kooomo owner user should enable the "Encrypted contact form email" of the Admin Panel Security settings tab (please see screenshot attached).