How to create a Kooomo marketplaces Amazon account


The following guide requires an Amazon developer account. If you have not already created one please read: How to open a developer account on Amazon.


  1. In Kooomo, go to Marketplaces>Accounts and click Add Account.
  2. Fill in the name Name, Marketplace and Status fields.

  1. For sandbox / production configurations we need to retrieve the Amazon MWS Developer Access Keys from our Amazon developer account.
  2. Go to Settings > User Permissions.
  3. Under Amazon MWS Developer Access Keys click Visit Developer Credentials.

  1. Copy the MWS developer ID value.

  1. Click view MWS Credentials.
  2. Copy the AWS Access Key ID and Client secret values.
  3. Now map these values from Amazon -> Kooomo.
  • MWS developer ID -> DevID/Seller ID/Store Code
  • AWS Access Key ID -> AppID/mwsAccessKeyID
  • Client secret -User Token/mwsSecretAccessKey

  1. Click Save.