How to create a Kooomo marketplaces eBay account


The following guide requires an eBay developer account. If you have not already created one, please read: How to open a developer account on Amazon.


  1. In Kooomo, go to Marketplaces>Accounts and click Add Account.
  2. Fill in the name Name, Marketplace and Status fields.

  1. Login as a Kooomo user at (contact IT/ for credentials).

Kooomo Marketplaces - Ebay developer signin

  1. After signing in as a developer user, select Auth tokens for eBay.

Kooomo Marketplaces - Ebay Auth tokens

  1. Get the user token selecting production environment and sign into production after.

Kooomo Marketplaces - Ebay select production

  1. Login with the eBay merchant account using your merchant credentials.

    Kooomo Marketplaces - Ebay sign in to merchant account

  2. Agree to grant application access to Kooomo.

    Kooomo Marketplaces - Ebay access grant to Kooomo

  3. Production and sandbox configurations unique user token for both display after choosing production environment and sign in to production.

Kooomo Marketplaces - Ebay access tokens

  1. The remaining codes are in account username dropdown menu's first option Application access keys.

Kooomo Marketplaces - Ebay application keys

  1. Now map these values from eBay -> Kooomo's production / sandbox configurations in the Add Account screen.
  2. Click Save