B2B User Approval

In this section, you will learn how to assign a cluster to a Final User. You can do so once the final user logs into the website for the first time. At this stage you can approve (or not) his/her user groups.

  1. Customer > Customers: here you can find the list of all your customers

Customer Panel

  1. From the icons on the right hand side of the page click the "Edit" button next to the user that registered.

Customer Panel Group

  1. Change the User Group from "To Be Confirmed" to "B2B" to approve that user.

B2B tab option below.

  1. Go to the B2B > User Groups tab and access "To Be Confirmed" link.

B2B User Group Clusters

  1. Click "Cluster Actions" dropdown and select "Cluster View-User". Here are all the customers who need to be approved. Until they have been moved from the "To Be Confirmed" list to B2B list they will see only B2C pricing.

B2B User Group Edit Clusters

  1. Copy down the list of email addresses to approve into Notepad.

B2B User Group email

  1. Go back to the B2B user groups main panel, Select "Cluster Actions" dropdown and User group view-user.

User Group Edit

  1. Select "Add User" and start to type the email address and the suggested email will pop up in blue for you to click.

Add User

  1. The user will now be part of the group and a green banner should appear to confirm this on the bottom right of the screen

Add User to Cluster