How to issue a credit note.

There are 3 ways to issue a credit note: from the invoices tab, from the admin order list and through a refund/exchange process* *(See "How to process Refunds")

From Invoice Tab:

From Admin Order List:

Once you have selected to add a credit note, you will be brought to the credit note creation screen.
Here, you select the item(s) you require and press save to issue/create the credit note.

Now your new credit note will appear in the Credit Note Tab, which is found in the Sales Section.

This tab has the same features as the Invoice tab (see Invoices).

It is very important to note that when you issue a credit note, you can only do so for the item's invoiced value.
In some cases you may wish to only refund a customer a certain amount - for example, 10 euro.
So first, you would issue a credit note as above. You would then edit the value.

How to edit a Credit Note:

Start by finding the credit note in the Credit Note tab.

Then click on actions and edit.
Once inside the credit note, you can change the "Price" field and press save.