**Q. Does Kooomo include an order management system? **

Kooomo provides a complete order management system.

Orders coming from different digital sources (online store, marketplaces, tablets, mobile, etc.) converge into a system that allows you to process them.

Orders can be split for invoicing and shipments, so that available items can be sent straight away while waiting for resupply to happen.

Orders can be processed into receipts, invoices and warehouse documents. Automated order engine is also provided. This engine, once configured based on sales parameters (order value, blacklisted countries, etc.) automatically transforms orders into invoices/receipts and warehouse movements. This engine allows a well-equipped organization to pick the items from the warehouse just a few minutes after the consumer places the order. Filtered orders can be managed by the staff.

A complete return/refund process is provided with Kooomo. This allows you to create credit notes, receive the item in the warehouse while re-stocking the items in the store availability and refund the customer.