How to process refunds

Step 1

- Go into the Sales Tab >>> Orders and filter for Waiting Refund status.

- Click into the button on the left: Refund /Change.

Step 2

- Check that the refund box is correctly flagged.

- Check that the amount you are refunding is correct.

- Click on the green button to SAVE and create the credit note.

- A small pop up will appear on the left bottom to confirm that the credit note has been created.

Note: Click SAVE just once otherwise you will generate different credit. note

Step 3

- Click on the orange bottom to proceed with the refund.

- A pop up will ask if you are sure about the amount you have to refund >>> if so, click OK.

The status of the order is now changed to REFUNDED.

Note: For orders paid with standard Paypal you have to follow the procedure until you create the credit note, then you have to proceed with the refund, going directly into the Paypal account that has the original payment.