In the Warehouse Tab you will find a few options:

Inventory Rotation: This will bring you to the inventory rotation screen.

Sales History: This will bring you to your sales history screen.

Suggest Reorder: This will bring you to the reorder screen, you can set a condition to the reorder, less than or equal to "x".

Export: You can export the displayed data to a CSV.

Clear Cache: Should you notice some quantities are out of sync, inventory hasn't uploaded yet etc, you can clear the cache to speed up the update.

There are also a number of headers over the items which you can sort by

Categories: Product categories.

Code: Product code.

Name: Product name.

Barcode: Product barcode.

Options: Product options, color, size etc.

pID: Product ID.

phID: Physical ID.

Sell Price: Product sell price.

Buy Price: Product buy price.

Incoming: Total quantity recorded by incoming movements.

Returns: Total quantity recorded by the return process.

Outgoing: Total quantity recorded by outgoing movements.

Sold: Total quantity recorded by sales/orders.

Qty: Current total quantity.

Reserved: Current total reserved quantity.

Asked Notification: Total requested quantity, wish bags, notify me when available options etc.

Location 1 & 2: Pick/Rack bays should you record these in Kooomo.