How to configure Meta tags in Kooomo

The Meta tags are a very important part of your web page as they are read by search engines. Meta tags should include keywords relevant to the content of the web page they describe.

1st level: The configuration page

· Firstly, it is necessary to configure a correct site name.

On the Admin panel>Settings option, select SEO Configuration.

In case you want to generate a custom Meta Title and Description for homepage or for the category pages, you need to delete them from the Settings Panel.

2nd level: Customize the title

The second level is manageable through the Admin Panel in the SEO>SEO Content page. On this level, it is possible to customize the title, description and keywords for the Homepage, Category and Product pages.

The following table shows the predefined variables that can be used for the SEO customization.

*values that depend on the data entry and which may be empty.

Rules should be defined for each language. For example, to create a rule to show the title in the product page (like name of the Merchant/category tree/Product Name) you need to use the following variables:


And the result could be Kooomo - Summer Season - Man - T-shirt - Name of the product

3rd Level - Category page

The 3rd level is in the Manage categories page (Admin Panel > Catalog > Categories). On the Category Management Panel, you can set Meta Tags for each category. You need to select the category and you can edit the Title and the Meta Description per language.